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But according 2 him, the relationship was so bad, he should’ve ended it 9 mos earlier.” Steve then reported that a month later, Higginbotham and Hayes took cutesie onesie pajama picks for Christmas together and posted the evidence online. Here’s the Situation: just saw them together earlier this year and have friends who are really good friends with them.

My heart breaks for Hope because I know how much she loved him and his family.

We played a bunch of shows together last year and we started talking about doing some more shows at the end of this year,” Hayes said. he’s awesome.”The crowd’s energy radiated onto the stage.

Hayes’ band members were rocking out with him, excessively nodding their heads to the music.

“My celebrity crush is not gonna find out who my celebrity crush is anytime soon,” Hayes said.

viewers have heard about on several occasions this season.

And when I needed the 411 on Hunter’s upcoming show, I knew just who to call (er, Facebook message — kids these days never pick up the phone). Anything else you feel like old, uncool people like me should know before this epic, once-in-a-lifetime collision between Hunter Hayes and the event world?

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It seemed Robby was still growing out of his “fraternity” college life and Hope still in school but they were the cutest couple.

“ Anyway, one of the journalism concepts I tried to impress upon her as an HN writer was the judicious use of exclamation points and emphatic capitalization. Mc Kenna: I’m pretty positive they all knew the words.

But I had to pick my battles, and in the case of her Hunter Hayes concert report (to her credit she did segue into something horse-related eventually), I let her have her way. No rush or anything — just respond when you have a minute. He is a beautiful man, a gift from God and a flawless human being with the most amazing singing gift. They can deny it all they want but deep down they know they want crazy and love the little nugget.

And Hayes even told CMT Radio all he has ever done is said hello and shaken hands with Gomez. That’s the one part that nobody kinda can tell you about or prepare you for,” Hayes said of being thrust into the rumor mill.

No one really knows how the dating rumors got started, but both Hayes and Gomez have been denying them from the start.