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Belisario Díaz Romero believed that Tiwanaku had been built by a race of people he calls century.The similarity of Aztlan with the name of Plato’s city has excited some straw clutching Atlantis seekers into claiming a definite connection between the two.The site at Tiwanaku is still under exploration, though many of the monoliths have been moved to the Museo Nacional de Arqueologa in La Paz for preservation and easier viewing.

Tiwanaku has all the features of a harbour, which has led some to describe it as the seaport of nearby Puma Punku another remarkable ancient site.Other ruins include the semi-subterranean temple and the Puma Punku, the Gateway of the Puma, compound across the railroad tracks from Tiwanaku.The Tiwanaku civilization was agrarian, and supported a large population.One of the most compelling sites of the historic empires whose descendants still live in Bolivia today is the pre-Incan ruins of Tiwanaku.Dating back over 1,700 years, the Tiwanaku predated the Incas and indigenous Aymara of this part of Bolivia.