Speed dating event ideas

Lastly which kind of devices or platform they want to use to record and promote this experience throughout the community. I think that large public spaces (like squares, parks) or theatres, museums, school's gyms would be the perfect place to set this activity, placing tables and chairs like what happens in a regular speed date.Then kids are free to come, bring a musical instrument/ sketchbook/ brushes and canvas and share their knowledge with pals for 8 minutes.You can start with your single friends and then branch out, asking people to invite single friends.Beth Brindle, writing for the website of "TLC," recommends capping the guest list at around 20, and of course, keeping an even number.As a matchmaker, I have been known to host some kick-ass events to ensure my clients have a great experience and help them find them whatever it is that they are looking for.Whether your needs are casual or more serious, speed dating is definitely something all singles should employ on their quest to find love.Try to find or create an arena where people can talk in relatively private spaces, at tables or on couches. This may be the largest part of organizing the event, since guests are coming with the goal of meeting other interesting guests.

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The event will end with a party with the participants. Secondly how does it feel to share / teach a discipline or a technique in such a short period of time and which kind of tools, equipment are needed.

Include anything and everything you would want to know if you were hearing the idea for the first time.

Last week, I told you all about the five types of dating you'd never catch me doing, and I promised you a follow-up list of fun dating events, compiled from my online research into the dating scene.

It was so funny, when the whistle blew; some women were refusing to switch to the next guy. The only topics off limits were careers and where you live.

Needless to say, this was a unique and fun fundraiser.