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My first Ovation is a Matrix acoustic sunburst, one of the firs US made, sporting an aluminum neck.

I bought it in 1979 from Tom Lee Piano in Hong Kong, during the summer sales, for a hundred bucks including the original brown case.

Milano, November 17, 1975, I am sitting in the first row of the today destroyed Palalido hall.

On the stage, the young Italian folksinger Fabrizio De André is playing a guitar never seen before, sporting a bowl-shaped back and a weird headstock. It is the first Ovation guitar that I see in my life and thanks to the unforgettable Fabrizio I fall in love with that guitar and decide that eventually I'll have one.

It was crazy.'Robert also revealed how he would ditch his British accent during auditions in the past in order to get film roles.

He said he would 'do an impression' in order to hide the fact that he was not American.

If your machine was already registerd and you are now wanting to add a Love of Sewing, your Baby Lock retailer will have to register your Love of Sewing and 'attach' it to your machine regisgration for you.

Even dressing up for my wedding, July 4th, 1984, I had an Ovation on my side.I have seen more GP's on e Bay in the past two years than I did in the previous twenty, as eager sellers climb out of the woodwork and try to cash in on the fad.If you are reading this, you are probably already aware that the Ovation Ultra GP is currently associated with Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age.As far as I know, this is the most complete and definitive story of this instrument. Yesterday's unwanted junk often becomes today's desirable treasure, and yesterday's cool becomes today's marginalized kitsch.So here you go, everything you always wanted to know about the Ovation Ultra GP but were afraid to ask! What people end up wanting retroactively can be vastly different from what they thought they wanted at the time, for many different reasons. Witness the ascendance of the late 1950's Les Paul Standard over the (then) higher priced Custom, as well as the downfall of the once popular 1980's pointy hair metal guitars. Sometimes sheer star power can be enough to catapult a once unpopular "junk" guitar into the spotlight, making it the envy of other guitarists all over the world. If utter obscurity and lack of desirability, appreciatiation and respect are the defining criteria, then the GP is the ultimate "junk guitar".