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Those were hollow threats from Jon, who may have every reason to hate his ex, but should shut it in public and not trash the mother of his children.

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In the heartbreaking interview, Cheryl said, “She’s my only daughter, my best friend” as she recounted the events after her daughter was admitted to the hospital.Why any person with half a brain (or dollar to his name) would even entertain the idea of dating Octomom, we have no earthly idea, but apparently Frankie G is. The 36-year-old mom of 14 arrived at LAX earlier today - returning from doing some PR for her new adult film in NYC (and presumably not flying Virgin America) - and her 23-year-old man picked her up outside. No word if he's seen the Octomom porn, but when asked by TMZ how they met, good ol' Nads replied, "Through church." So ... She also said in March that she's been celibate for 13 years - all 14 of her kids were conceived via IVF - and plans to remain so until her kids are 18. One of the last times we talked about Kate Gosselin, she was dragging her 13 year-old twin daughters on morning television, trying to drum up some public interest in her family and desperately hoping for another reality show gig.Kate’s daughters looked mortified on camera and gave Kate the silent treatment.