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You may not qualify yourself a tech-wizard, but you know how to track down information when you suspect something’s amiss. Read on for 7 apps you don’t want you boyfriend to have.

Between the long call logs, text messages, email and photos on a phone, smartphones can be incredibly incriminating. Black Book Leave it to Blackberry to make the 21st century version of a black book.

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Hey, "Whatever you think...." --Liane Thomas A hard read for the modern woman who has come of age in a time when women have had to assume multiple roles of head-of-household, have had to be the bread-winner, house-keeper, accountant, mechanic, mother, triage nurse, handy-man ... The valuable message in this book is that it shows the importance of creating balance between the roles of men and women in relationship. Before I even finished the book, my SO was noticing differences and telling me that I was being nicer. Even more importantly, it (along with prayer) has helped me become more aware of my words and actions, which for him means I respect and trust him. I think every wife should read this whether or not she thinks she needs it!

Read humbly, I was very surprised and my husband has been pleased with a few new perceptions. It is about respecting ones husband and not mothering him! All Religions will benefit from the information in the book.