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This grasroots campaign involves people empowering people to stand firm together against the evolutionary indoctrination so rampant in our schools, universities and media.

You can encourage your friends to ‘Question evolution’—especially if you are a student who is being force-fed evolutionary dogma.

Get involved yourself and get your church involved as well—let us work together to spread the truth. Our exciting ‘Question evolution’ tract, , provides 15 critically important questions that evolutionists cannot adequately answer.

Share them with your friends, family and fellow students.

This is not the first time in recent memory that a couple's selfie has left the internet scratching their heads and wondering what sort of evil was afoot.

As you become more comfortable with these techniques, you will increasingly experience the joy of self discovery of precious nuggets of Truth.

'A Gemini is a sign of the zodiac that is represented by twins.

Thus, people often stereotype those born under the sign of the Gemini has being 'two-faced' or having split personalities.

On Wednesday, Twitter user Andy Fuentes posted a selfie taken by a couple (the man in the picture does not appear to be Fuentes).

The image shows a two young people embracing, and at first glance - all appears to be perfectly well.