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SEATTLE – It’s not every day that the best players on two teams in the same town announce they’re dating. “So even though I understand there are people who think I should have done it sooner, it wasn’t right for me at the time. Seattle Storm guard Sue Bird gave an interview to ESPN that went online Thursday, in which she came out as gay and said she’s dating Seattle Reign and U.

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According to that criminal complaint, Brown confessed to all three Washington murders, telling investigators that he carried out the executions as retribution for lives lost due to U. So a life for a life." Court records indicate that Brown "essentially executed" the gay couple, and killed each of his victims by shooting them at point-blank range.

Freely Speaking Toastmasters A group that is open to everyone and is created by and for the LGBT community of the Seattle area, and enhances the opportunities of Toastmasters International by providing an open environment that is professional, affirming, and fun.

The Lesbians Over 40 Group(206) 722-0729A social group for lesbians interested in extending their friendship circle and having fun.

There’s a bright pink sign that hangs on the front door of Pony, a gay bar on Capitol Hill: “Attention: This is a gay bar. If you aren't queer (or a respectful ally), get lost.

This isn't a zoo and we're not your pets.” Pony manager Marcus Wilson made that sign in response to Capitol Hill’s changing demographics – from gay to increasingly straight.