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The differences appear to be greatest among the YOUNGEST children.If you visit an all-girls kindergarten and then an all-boys kindergarten, you will be struck by how differently the children learn.To maintain the intellectual integrity of a field study, the coordinator has to look at it from the perspective of pedagogical as well as science content.

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between the average 7-year-old girl and the average 9-year-old girl).This article outlines the types of learning styles and multiple intelligences of students, as well as instructional techniques that work best with students’ respective learning traits.Most of us who teach science courses lead or participate in field studies.We do it for various reasons: to examine a particular feature or outcrop, to visit a wetland for the purpose of studying the flora or fauna inhabiting it, or just to get into the outdoors rather than spend all of our time in a classroom or laboratory.Even physics classes, long relegated to the laboratory, are now going to amusement parks to study the physics of rollercoasters and free-fall rides.