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Dr Kate Devlin, who will chair the congress, believes the arguments put forward by the Campaign Against Sex Robots group are narrow-minded."This sex work view is actually a very narrow perspective on the whole field, and also this emphasis that it's objectifying women." She said robots can have a use far beyond just offering physical pleasure."This could have amazingly good therapeutic benefits."We've seen things like virtual reality being used to treat issues such as social anxiety."Taking that a step further into a physical realm, sex robots could be a really useful thing."But Dr Richardson is concerned that sex robots will allow people to play out dark and disturbing fantasies that are immoral and illegal."You got to ask the question, why are they shaped like fully formed human females or children? Because in the mind of the user they're giving them the experience that they actually raping a child, that they're actually having sex with a woman."Dr Devlin is quick to point out that legislation has already been put in place to prevent people from owning child sex dolls.Earlier this year, the Australian Federal Police told the ABC that anatomically correct dolls that represent underage people are considered child exploitation material, and are therefore illegal.I had the privilege of exercising my sexuality within an ethnically-defined, Gulf Malayali, diasporic space – that was mostly online – without identifying myself with the Indian queer movement, and all of its complexities of class and caste.Analysing my trove of fascinating sexual experiences, I believe it is safe to say that the Gulf Malayali man is a horny one at that and I was no exception.However, not many were inquisitive about being queer in the UAE, even though it’s a fascinating cocktail when the two identities combine.Growing up as a conflicted, teenage gay boy, with raging hormones in Dubai had its perks.You won’t hear what happens to people who say what the government doesn’t want said.

I was a lab rat for my peers’ numerous psychological (and even one sociological) studies which almost always began with “Homosexuals In Bengaluru…”, in addition to being sought for inputs regarding sexual identities that even remotely strayed from the norm.A UK academic is campaigning against sex robots, arguing they are dehumanising, isolating and will encourage people to consider women as property.Hyper-realistic sex dolls are already widely available, but sex robots are still in development.Dr Devlin also postulates that dolls could be used to treat sex offences and paedophilia."For example, VR has been used, virtual reality has been used to check whether or not sex offenders are likely to reoffend by putting them in a virtual environment."There is a possibility for therapy for this as well."It is not just physical robots that will be part of the sex robot future. The 2013 film starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson was about a man who falls in love with his smartphone's operating system.In China, a realistic smartphone chat bot called Xiaoice is already a reality, with millions of users logging on for hours to speak to the lifelike female artificial intelligence.