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The first reason why you should give UK speed dating is that it is safer than online dating.

When you meet people during speed dating it is a pre-registered event.

Birmingham speed dating events take place at a variety of locations and venues that are well suited to the occasion.

Such events provide you with the opportunity to meet lots of new people, but how do you tell whether your date is interested, or is a potential match?

With speed dating that possibility for fraudulent identities is greatly reduced.

Speed dating Scotland wide happens face to face in ‘the real world’ rather than online, so you are physically meeting the person rather than just their icon on a screen.

Whether the end result is romance, friendship, or even a new person to do hobbies with, it opens up your world for the better.

If you were to try it, you would see that people from a variety of different backgrounds and of all different ages have a great time.

If you are still not sure, here are three reasons why you should give speed dating a go, and soon.

But is speed dating really safe, or is it something to be worried about doing?

When it comes to finding someone to go out with, there are definite pitfalls.