Dating mesa boogie amps

Randall Smith took the 1960’s Fender , and added more gain stages.No major amp had ever had so many preamp gain stages, and all this extra gain produced thick, heavy distortion.I was happy enough at the time with them - 'OK, I sound good.' But there was something else I was hearing.Even then with those amps, I would try to emulate what I heard, to the best of my ability.Do you guys know about the average price for one of these. With this head, the louder you are the better it sounds. I am gonna go check it out and make sure everything looks good. I very well may end up selling it if I don't like it better than my VHT. EDIT: Those who love it, care to post your favorite settings for your metal/distorted tone? The one in the manual is way too bassy for me, and not at all friendly to individual notes/lead playing.It is great for playing gigs and is extremely durable. Is there anything to look out for when buying a used one? but aren't they Dual-rectifiers with the tremolo effect built-in?

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I'm happier using a Metal Zone pedal into my '70s Fender Deluxe Reverb.

For example certain serial numbers that had issues or common problems with them? If there's anything "funky" as to why it's cheap... since we're on the subject of Mesa, I've been told about good deals for Mesa 1x12's Theile's on your side of town.. They're essentially 2-channel Dual Rectifiers, but with a "blues" mode in stead of Vintage High Gain on channel 2 (the Vintage mode is still the second mode on channel 1).

I am not sure why this guy is selling it for so cheap and just want to be cautious. Additionally, they've evidently been slightly revoiced for more midrange, though Mesa's site doesn't acknowledge this.

I had never even heard of this amp but it just seemed like a great deal for a mesa so I decided to look it up. I've never heard about a bad run of serials or anything... Last time I tried out a trem-o-verb was a combo at GC like a few years ago... Is there anything to look out for when buying a used one?