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The Windows binary distribution works out of the box with SQLite, MSSQL, Postgresql and My SQL.The Mac binary distribution works out of the box with SQLite. The IMAP option allows to use DAL to access IMAP.web2py defines the following classes that make up the DAL: The DAL object represents a database connection.But if they ran statistics regularly, used the monitoring tools as they are supposed to, and fixed issues as they came up then they would have fewer headaches, and they wouldn't encounter them all at once. If a table goes from 1 row to 200 rows, that's a significant change.When a table goes from 100,000 rows to 150,000 rows, that's not a terribly significant change.To use any other database back-end, run from the source distribution and install the appropriate driver for the required back end. For example: because it is an instance of a Uniform Resource Identifier.The DAL allows multiple connections with the same database or with different databases, even databases of different types.

To use collections in an application, you define one or more PL/SQL types, then define variables of those types.In response to Lala and malik’s questions on connecting a form to a database (whether it’s Microsoft Access, My SQL, etc.doesn’t really matter), I decided to write a little tutorial on how to do it.A partial list of supported databases is show in the table below.Please check on the web2py web site and mailing list for more recent adapters.